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Sichuan Air Links International Logistics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HH) is a professional international logistics import and export service provider that specializes in international express, international air and international freight forwarding. The company's first branch was developed and accepted by UTI, a shareholder with strong logistics experience in the Americas, Europe and Africa. The company adheres to the service concept of "all for the customers, for all the customers, and gathers high-quality network services for global customers", providing companies and individuals with a wide range of channels, diverse forms, low costs, safe and reliable diversification, all-round, door-to-door The door freight service can meet the multi-level needs of customers and society to the greatest extent. As a service company, HH has a sound operating network and a large number of young employees with high quality and hard work; we do not make any unrealistic promises to any customers, and our value lies in shortening space for customers and saving time for customers. . In addition to cooperating with customers in business, HH also hopes to become the most loyal friend of customers, sharing business, sharing life, sharing happiness and happiness.

Maximize the optimization of the import logistics supply chain program, and the service runs through the entire international trade process: general trade agency, international trade settlement, import logistics distribution, professional import customs clearance, professional food warehousing, import document processing. To provide enterprises with professional "global procurement business outsourcing" services, determined to become China's leading global import and export supply chain management service experts.
Hanghui concept: to build a global "supply chain" through-train, complete import and export door-to-door service. Hanghui's service tenet: To be the most professional learning international logistics Co., Ltd., to solve problems for customers in the first place
Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international and modern international logistics service provider. Set up customs declaration and inspection platform in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Express Center, and provide express, air, land, rail intermodal and ocean import and export cargo booking, delivery and customs declaration in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian and Hong Kong A series of comprehensive import and export services such as inspection; the company also has its own fleet to provide customers with targeted services such as pick-up / delivery in the local and surrounding areas.
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Sichuan Air Links International Logistics Co.,Ltd.
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