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China-Myanmar Automobile Line
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Our company adheres to the service concept of "all for the customer, all for the customer and brings together high-quality network services to global customers", providing companies and individuals with a wide range of channels, diverse forms, low costs, safe and reliable diversification, comprehensive, comprehensive The door-to-door professional international logistics service can meet the multi-level needs of customers and society to the greatest extent.

Burmese transportation aging: 8-10 days Double tax package

Currently, products that can be transported to Myanmar include distribution cabinets, generators, household products, glue, lamps, plastic granules, showcases, electronic products, chemicals, shoe materials, clothing, hardware, solar products and other large and small machine accessories.

The transportation range covers Yangon and its surrounding areas in Myanmar, Mandalay in the north, Naypyidaw in the capital, Bangkang and Xiaomenla in the border cities.

We adopt a one-stop service method to avoid the trouble of customs declaration, customs clearance, customs duties and other tedious procedures, and truly provide the most comprehensive Myanmar logistics transportation solutions for various trading factories and traders.

Our company specializes in the operation of Myanmar's complete vehicles. The LTL logistics line has been in service for 7 years. Our company can provide door-to-door delivery, domestic transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery services across the country. The delivery and other links are all professionally operated by the personnel of the company, with 10 years of experience!

Greatly saves operating costs and shortens your transportation time, always guaranteeing to save more time and more costs for customers. Absolutely guarantee the smooth customs clearance of the goods and reach the destination safely. The company will provide the safest guarantee, the fastest service, and the most affordable price!

Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd. will eliminate your complicated freight procedures and high costs. Avoid the loss of goods caused by repeated roasting of goods.