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Domestic express air freight:

International express delivery of airlines (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, DPEX, ARAMEX, USPS, HH dedicated line), we can receive goods at any port in the country, customs declaration, inspection and delivery operations. At the same time, as long as there is an international express network covered in any place in the world, picking up and transshipping back to China can also be sent to a third country, which can save intermediate time and unnecessary expenses.

International Air Transport:

Ordinary or special (precision equipment, special equipment transportation, etc.) logistics solutions such as international import and export port to port, door to door, customs declaration / clearance / inspection, etc. We have signed good long-term and stable cooperation with major airlines. It can ensure that high-quality resources are provided to our customers for priority use in a timely manner, especially during peak freight periods.

(Qatar Airways / QR, UAE Etihad Airways / EY, British Airways / BA, KLM / KL, AirAsia / D7, Air China / CA, United Airlines / UA, HNA / HU, Thai Airways / TG, Lufthansa / LH , Qantas / NX, Dragonair / KA, UPS, Qantas / NX, ANA / NH, Hong Kong Airlines / HX, China Southern / CZ Turkish Airlines / TK etc.

According to the needs of customers, we will select high-quality aviation resources to provide our high-quality and efficient services to different regions and countries, shorten the distance of time and space for customers, and save customers' freight expenses. General or special logistics solutions for international shipping and door-to-door import and export, customs declaration / clearance / inspection, etc.

Amazon FBA:

As an Amazon website logistics provider, we can speak of Amazon ’s purchases in China delivered directly to 56 Amazon warehouses in the United States.

International Railway:

Rongou Express, direct service to Central Asia Express, the whole LCL can be operated! Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Wuhan are both importable and exportable, safe, professional and efficient.

International Auto Transport:

Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia. West Asia and so on

Nepal Line:

Especially in the post-disaster reconstruction work in Nepal, we have set up a special line in Nepal. The goods are safe and efficient, and the price is low. I look forward to your visit!

International Shipping Shuangqing:

Southeast Asia, Middle East, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand etc.

International moving:

Through a strong international agency network and channels, our company wholeheartedly provides the most professional international private goods transportation service solutions for international students, foreign teachers, foreign companies in China, immigrants and overseas workers, providing international luggage consignment and international moving to the world. Door-to-door service everywhere.

With our rich experience, we are highly trusted by customers; with the concept of "integrity and thoughtfulness", we have long been committed to providing customers with the best quality services and the most favorable prices and are loved by customers; "safe, professional and fast "It is our commitment to every customer. After years of experience in the industry, the technical team of our company has developed logistics tools and other tools suitable for the international private goods consignment industry, which has realized online inquiry, online orders, online tracking, and reached a customer shared logistics information platform, forming a professional , Information, network logistics management system.

You only need to call our 24-hour service hotline (400-1144-877), everything else will be done by us.

There is no need for you to go through complicated procedures by yourself, our company will send professional personnel and fleet to serve you.

Pet consignment:

Hanghui Logistics is a professional live animal logistics company, mainly engaged in the consignment of pet dogs, pet cats, chinchillas, hamsters, ornamental fish, experimental rats, ornamental birds, pigeons and other living animals. You can pick up your pets at home and collect the consignment certificate. We promise: as long as you have a phone call, we guarantee that your pet will be transported to the destination safely and comfortably in the shortest time, so as to protect your pet from the fatigue of travel.

Regional services in Africa:

Our company has many years of logistics development experience in Africa and has a solid logistics foundation, can provide some targeted services that other companies can not provide.

Low-cost double-headed certificate of origin:

General certificate of origin: CO;

China-Pakistan Certificate of Origin: FTA;

Pratt & Whitney Certificate of Origin: FORM A;

ASEAN Certificate of Origin: FORM E;

Asia-Pacific Certificate of Origin: FORM B;

Certificate of Origin of China Chile: FORM F;

Certificate of Origin of China: FORM L;

Certificate of Origin in China: FORM R;

(All kinds of products can apply for certificate of origin);

Taiwan Certificate on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, and CCPIT Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an international and modern international logistics service provider. Set up customs declaration and inspection platform in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Express Center, and provide express, air, land, rail intermodal and ocean import and export cargo booking, delivery and customs declaration in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian and Hong Kong A series of comprehensive import and export services such as inspection; the company also has its own fleet to provide customers with targeted services such as pick-up / delivery in the local and surrounding areas.

Sichuan Hanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd. is approved by Chengdu Industry and Commerce Bureau, Taxation Bureau, and SAFE. It has General Manager, Business Department, Operations Department, Transportation Department, Finance Department, Customer Service Department, Beijing Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou Shenzhen Shenzhen Hong Kong Airport Sales Department . Equipped with transportation vehicles, pickup specialists, and have signed strategic cooperation agreements with major airlines (Air China, Thai Airways, Dragonair, etc.), well-known international express companies (DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, etc.) and other related companies. The company has complete certificates, complete network, complete organizational structure, complete hardware and software facilities.

The increasingly fierce market competition, as a thriving HH, cannot be separated from your attention and support; please give us the opportunity to serve and let us do better together. And you choose HH, you can enjoy one-stop courier and logistics services without worry, choose us will give you a satisfactory logistics experience, let you achieve the effect you need with the most labor-saving, material and financial resources! Everything about Hanghui Logistics is built around the needs of customers.