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Hello! Thank you for your integrity! The customs clearance quotation and required information of your imported red wine are as follows:


1. Determine the import qualification of domestic companies (whether they have the right to import and export, whether they have made annual reports, and whether the business license has the corresponding product range)

2. Determine whether the port has opened paperless customs declaration

3. Determine whether the ocean bill of lading is radio or original, etc.

Import process:

1. Receipt and consignor's record (need to be done for the first import, but not later)

2. Stocking (arranged by your company)

3. Prepare documents (provided by our company, your company arranges to ask for it abroad, and our company will help review and check)

4. Delivery (Ocean Shipping) (Your company arranges or our company arranges shipping)

5. Change order (Operation by our company)

6. Inspection (Our agent goes to the commodity inspection department to operate)

7. Customs declaration (price review, goods inspection) (our agent goes to the customs department to operate)

8. Tax payment (our company pays advance or your company arranges it)

9. Chinese label review (our company's agent goes to the commodity inspection department to operate)

10. Labeling (Agent of our company, if you want to get rid of it, you need to inform in advance)

11. Sampling

12. Motion and health inspection

13. Health certificate

14. Release of goods

Note: There is no problem with the goods. Under the condition of complete documents, the customs clearance time is 3-7 working days.


1. Certificate of Origin (issued by an official or an officially recognized unit, the original is required. Ten ASEAN countries, please request the Fe Certificate of Origin as far as possible in order to be free of customs duties)

2. Health certificate (issued by an official or an officially recognized unit, the original is required),

3. Proof of filling date (issued by the manufacturer),

4. Composition analysis test report,

5. 3 original labels (original) and translation of the label,

6. Packing list,

7. Invoice (original issued by the manufacturer),

8. Contract,

9. Bill of Lading

10. Bottled certificate

Domestic: Customs Registration Certificate, Commodity Inspection Registration Certificate, Foreign Trade Operator's Record, Power of Attorney for Customs Declaration and Inspection (provided by our company), 15 blank papers.


Customs duty 14%,

17% VAT,

Consumption tax: 10%;

The details of the import costs of our agent are as follows:

Terminal and shipping company fees:

1. Document fee: RMB 150 / BILL

2. Order change fee: actual reimbursement (generally 200-350)


   Customs declaration and commodity inspection fees:

1. Customs declaration fee: RMB 620 / BILL (food)

2. Inspection fee: RMB 440 / BILL

3. Commodity inspection fee: actual report and actual sales (three thousandths of the value)

4. Motion and health inspection fee: RMB 180 / vote

5. Label printing: RMB 0.50 / sheet (or your company ’s own hard brush)

6. Labeling fee: RMB 0.6 / sheet (or your company ’s own hard brush)

7. Commodity inspection fee for receiving the teacher: RMB150 (two trips back and forth, or the customer does not incur the car to pick up the teacher)

8. Handling the connection agency fee for the whole process: RMB 1200 / BILL

9. Delivery fee: actual reimbursement (subject to specific address)

10. Sample testing fee: RMB 240 / item name (calculated based on the actual sample name)

11. Customs inspection fee: (If it is not encountered, it will not be incurred, but if it is encountered, it will be reimbursed)

12. Supervision and storage fee: actual reimbursement

Chinese label review and filing fee: (needed for the first time importing the model of the brand, but not later imported the same model of the same brand)

1. Chinese label design, Chinese label review: 400RMB / product name

2. Chinese label record: RMB450 / product name


Food consignor filing (required for the first import of food): Agent 450

(It is recommended to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau of your own to prepare the information for the record, if there is already a consignee for the record, it will not be generated)

Borrowing of import and export rights: RMB500 (not generated if there is)


1. The above quotation does not include tax, if you need to invoice, the invoice amount is 6% of the invoice amount;

2. During the customs clearance of imports, if the expenses are not listed in the case of customs, commercial inspection, overdue use of boxes, etc., they will be reported and reimbursed;

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